Security Contexts

  • Do not run applications with the user ID (UID) value of 1500. This is reserved for the Envoy proxy sidecar container injected into pods by OSM’s sidecar injector.
  • If security context runAsNonRoot is set to true at the pod level, a runAsUser value must be provided either for the pod or for each container. For example:
        runAsNonRoot: true
        runAsUser: 1200

    If the UID is omitted, application containers may attempt to run as root user by default, causing conflict with the pod’s security context.

  • Additional capabilities are not required.

Note: the OSM init container is programmed to run as root and add capability NET_ADMIN as it requires these security contexts to finish scheduling. These values are not changed by application security contexts.


Do not use the following ports as they are used by the Envoy sidecar.

Port Description
15000 Envoy Admin Port
15001 Envoy Outbound Listener Port
15003 Envoy Inbound Listener Port
15010 Envoy Prometheus Inbound Listener Port